If you have dreams of Ancient Egypt, if you admire the Roman Empire's glory, if one of your reveries is to visit the courts of the great Kings, to travel back in ancient times or to plunge into Celtic mythology - I think that we have a lot in common. Moreover, if you are attracted by the mysteries within the History of the World, or by anything cryptic and mystical - we could even be "mind-siblings".

I love to create borderless stories. The ones that open doors to other worlds and other realities, where nothing is impossible. The ones that can always bring you back - just to make you sure everything is possible in THIS world too - here and now.
Because magic is tangible.
It lives in legends.
It is fueled by legends.
It is their continuance.

Another thing that I really appreciate is good humour. I sincerely believe in the healing effect of laughter. After all, Victor Hugo was reasonably right when he said: "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."

Smile along with the characters of my stories. Take an enthralling trip in their company, immerse yourself in the world of puzzles and try to find answers to them - while sitting in your favorite chair, lying on the couch or standing in a subway car. It doesn't matter. After all, what matters is the journey, not the destination!

Enjoy your trip!

Natasha Valenti

Seven Lives of Scarlett


It’s really cool to be Scarlett O’Malley – heiress of a family of Irish Earls, with a life full of abundance and every luxury her parents’ money can buy.

Scarlett, however, gets thrown into a very different world following her sixteenth birthday party, where she receives a gift of mysterious origins. Scarlett suddenly gets plagued by a series of misfortunes and even becomes an unwilling traveler into the past, assuming… unexpected forms. It seems that the average title of “Time Hopper” doesn’t suit to her vanity.

The royal court of the French King Louis the XV, the Greece of Alexander the Great as well as Egypt under the reign of Queen Nefertiti will become home to her for a short period. In one of her temporal jumps Scarlett happens to meet someone special, but at the wrong moment, for he is a handsome human being while she is trapped once again in a surreal form.

Nobody believes her story, except Mr. Donovan, the eccentric butler of the O’Malley clan.
Together, they resolve to free Scarlett from what they believe is a spell cast by the shady Sionna Twain, rumoured to deal in witchcraft.

Will they succeed in this daredevil venture? Who hides under the guise of their nemesis?
And what is the key to this mystery?

Genre: Seven Lives of Scarlett is a Young Adult novel that contains elements of Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction and appeals to both young and adult audiences who enjoy mystery, magic, adventure and good humour.

Language: English


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